Teaching evaluation 

I received the 2020 “Teaching Excellence Award” in recognition of outstanding and inspirational teaching performance in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The following are some representative sample quotes in the course evaluation from students.


JOURN 566: Communication and Public Opinion (Spring 2021)

School of Journalism and Mass Communication, UW-Madison

N = 63, Rating: 4.60/5

  • I had no interest in this subject but she made the course obtainable and understandable for people with just an interest in learning about this subject. With valuable info about measuring public opinion, I was able to improve my research skills.  

  • She was extremely knowledgeable about the subject and even incorporated her personal research into the class, which was great and made the info really relevant. She was also great at incorporating examples to explain different theories, which aided my understanding of topics. She was always respectful, clear about expectations and encouraging.

Teaching Assistant 

JOURN 201: Introduction to Mass Communication (Spring 2020)

School of Journalism and Mass Communication, UW-Madison

N = 32, Rating: 4.86/5

  • She was extremely willing to listen to students and was constantly engaging us all by helping to make everything an open discussion where she was always ready with another point or question to keep the conversation flowing.

  • She did such a great job of always making clear what was expected of us and then taking time out of her days to give us good feedback on our work, as well as just making discussion as engaging and fun to be in. She was a great TA to have for this class for sure, because I never found myself confused over an assignment as she always explained them thoroughly to us and was there if we had additional questions.

STS 201: Where Science Meets Society (Spring 2017)

Holtz Center for Science & Technology Studies, UW-Madison

N = 68, Rating: 4.67/5

  • Soo Yun is always open to help or explain a concept further. She has been a major factor in my overall success in this course. She’s my best TA this semester, and I would definitely recommend her to a friend!

  • The TA demonstrated excellent capacity to not only instruct but to create critical and meaningful discussion. One of the best TAs I had in UW-Madison.

  • I thought the questions she created were really thought-provoking and made for good discussion. I also really liked the small and large group conversations.

HOS 133: Biology and Society, 1950-Today (Spring 2016)

Department of the History of Science, UW-Madison

N = 78, Rating: 4.57/5

  • I thought that Soo Yun Kim was an excellent TA! She was extremely friendly and had a great sense of humor. She was also great at guiding discussion and providing feedback!

  • Soo Yun was excellent TA who always come to discussion section prepared and energetic, her overall personality + knowledge of the course material made every section engaging + fun.